Data Mining And BI Expert Eppad (Ideh Pardaz Pasargad)

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Data Mining And BI Expert

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Job Description

- Providing analytical reports and management dashboards - Developing Software to produce automated reports - Using artificial intelligence to generate sample reports for new insurance and non-insurance areas - Our field of work is mostly insurance industry


- MSc or PhD in Artificial Intelligence (Educated in top universities) - Education: Computer Engineering - Background and experience in insurance, banking or similar fields. - Dominance or strong background in C# programming. - Experience with SQL. - Dominance or strong background in C++ - Deep knowledge and vision in Data Mining (Data Visualization, Classification, Clustering, Association Rule Mining) - Familiar with Text Mining - Familiar with Recommender Systems - Familiar with Decision Support Systems - Familiar with BI tools - Creative problem solver - High teamwork ability (Excellent listening, negotiation and presentation skills) - Ethical, professional and positive attitude and behavior - Excellent time management - Interest in learning - Good English reading and understanding skills.