Data Architect - Isfahan Raya Dyar System (RDSysCo)

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Posted 5 months ago

Job Description

Someone who is heavily experienced with database technologies especially with their analyze and design, and is also willing to learn and advance in this field. We have a great team of developers that we want to expand. Our workplace is both friendly and professional, and we constantly look for people who long to work in such a place and with such a team.


Technical Requirements: • 5+ years of experience as a data architect or similar • Knowledgeable in PostgreSQL and MySQL • Knowledgeable in NoSQL and Graph data stores • Extensive experience using tools and utilities needed to query, evaluate and test databases and data structures Soft Skills: • Willing to learn and adapt to a changing work environment • Comfortable with English, especially in reading and writing • Strong team and communication skills • Detail-oriented, with focus on maintainability and testability • Self-driven, with the ability to take initiative and motivate others Bonus: • Experienced in data analysis and migration techniques • Proficient in query and data structure optimization, caching mechanisms, clustering, sharding and replication