CRM Manager

CRM Manager

Job Description

• To set bold aspirations- a clear vision for the development of the relationships. • To set and execute a client relationship strategy that defines which issues to focus on, which opportunities to pursue, and which individuals to invest in. • To create, to manage and to lead the team by providing appropriate coaching and mentoring along the way. • To facilitate the development of a vision for the overall success of the company, business area, or function. • To identify, to mobilize, and to deliver over the relationships into the right people, solutions, resources, and ideas from across the firm. • To successfully undertake contract negotiations, to ensure financial success, and to monitor quality. • To ensure outstanding customer satisfaction by maintaining strong working relationships. • To manage and train resources to ensure quality and consistency of services offered to customers. • To schedule and conduct status meetings with appropriate development resources and customers. • To handle the concerns of the people who buy their company's products or services. • To rectify issues experienced by individual customers as well as to aim to improve the organization's overall customer satisfaction ratings. • To help customers with their complaints and questions. • To give customers information about products and services, to take orders, and to process returns. • To plan and deliver CRM strategies across the organization with a view to retain existing customers, to retain brand loyalty and to expand the company brand. • To decide on a final CRM structure and architecture that will work seamlessly across the business and to capture crucial information along the sales funnel. • To make sure the customer database is correctly segmented for targeted marketing activities. • To collaborate with other departments in order to ensure that the CRM strategy works well for every aspect of the business. • To develop the testing strategies in order to guarantee the most efficient approach for the organization and its customers. • To come up with creative ideas in order to prepare proposals, to oversee the production process, and to execute and report the results to the relevant people.


• To have the ability to meet tight deadlines, and to have outstanding time management skills. • To have team working and leadership skills. • To have excellent communication skills. • To have commercial awareness to create campaigns in order to grab the attention of customers and to solve their problems. • To possess top quality analytical skills in order to analyze data to help understand customer base, and to come up with suggestions to improve the existing strategy.

This position is no longer available.

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500 employees or more

We have been a pioneer in manufacturing clothing for half a decade in the clothing industry. About 700 people cooperate with us at different departments, namely the factories, the stores, and the headquarters. By using sophisticated machinery, and by applying the latest technology as well as by amalgamating principles of aesthetics and art, we have always done our best to create high-quality products for our cherished fellow citizens. Besides, based on our social responsibility, we have always cared for the environment by utilizing natural fabrics. Accordingly, we have been awarded several Quality Certifications and we have won twenty International Awards in the garment industry.