Costing Engineer- Alborz Danieli

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Costing Engineer- Alborz

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Job Description

1. Calculation of Forecast / Projects/ Actual cost of products in accordance with requests; 2. Analysis and grouping of cost breakdown as per calculation items; 3. Data base maintenance; 4. Revealing of factors influencing cost and determination of reserves for its decrease; 5. Revealing of reasons of deviation from actual cost and elaboration of corrective actions; 6. Determination of possibility to produce/deciding on whether to MAKE or BUY on the stages of commercial offers preparation; 7. Calculation of order execution deadlines - LT in terms of “Infinite capacity”; 8. Communication with suppliers to collect data for offer/cost preparation; 9. Continuous search for automation of processes; 10. Cooperation with different departments of the Company (sales; purchasing, design department, production and etc.) concerning calculation and costing;


1. Education: a. Technical University – mechanical or construction Engineer (better mechanical); b. Second education will be preferable – The University of Economics or courses; c. Additional courses like linguistics or MBA will be fantastic. 2. Knowledge and skills: a. The basic methods and ways of the costing approach; b. Perfect readings of mechanical drawings; c. Technological processes of production (Fabrication, Machining, Assembly); d. High level of using of Microsoft office; e. English level – Intermediate or upper; f. The basics of international logistics activities (Incoterms); g. The fundamentals of technological processes of metallurgical production; h. The principles of marketing and accounting/Finance; i. Pricing methods, pricing strategy and tactics;