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CNC Programmer (Time and Method)

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Job Description

A CNC programmer writes code to automate power driven machines that cut and finish metal and steel as lathes, grinders and mills. • Creates instructions for machinists. • Reviews 3D CAD design blueprints. • Makes calculations for programming including where materials should be cut. • Translates instructions into a computer automated manufacturing (CAM) program. • Communicates with engineers and clients who will use the programs. • Checks completed programs by running simulations or tests. • Prepares geometric layout of designs using proper software. • Determines sequence of operations in a program. • Chooses cutting tools that will be needed. • Analyzes job order and performs necessary calculations. • Writes programs and modifies existing ones for increased efficiency. • Analyzes and selects speeds and cutting tools for programs. • Makes improvements to set up times for a task and contouring of complex shapes. • Simplifies tooling time for workers and increases productivity for the client. • Evaluates all completed designs to validate their functions and ensure they successfully reduce time and money for the client. • Monitors all programs to make sure they follow blueprint instructions and safely and successfully complete the task. • Provides training for clients on automated systems. • Complies with all safety rules and regulations.


• Associate's degree or certificate in CNC programming, a computer-related field or a mechanical field is an advantage • Knowledge of electronics and machine tools. • Experience with programming in steel manufacturing companies. • Good/Average Command of English • Willing to work in Eshtehard.