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Job Description

Summary Ostadkar is seeking to hire a Chief Technology Officer to build and lead the product and development teams, devise the company's technical strategy, plan and execute use of technological resources, to ultimately enable the successful execution of Ostadkar’s business mission. The CTO reports directly to the CEO while working closely with other top leaders of the organization, helping make better technology decisions and better use of the company’s resources. Hiring for Culture The first and most important requirement for working at Ostadkar is to be a culture fit for what we want to build in our common future. We don’t think we are there yet, but we only hire people who we believe will contribute enormously to building a culture in which everyone is a: - Learner: Be super thirsty to learn and grow, both professionally as well as personally. No one is ever done learning until they are done living. - Doer: Take ownership and responsibility to get stuff done proactively. Take the risk to fail, and accept the responsibility, while building on the experience and moving on to what’s next. - Team player: Believe in the team and act as one body with everyone in the company. We admire the genius but praise the team. Culture is built top-down. Therefore, when hiring for C-level positions we look for well-demonstrated track-record of: - Learning and growth, not only for the person we are hiring but for others who’ve worked with him or her - Leadership and impact through developing people and teams into responsible, proactive, risk-takers - Excellent communication, both written as well as verbal. Responsibilities The CTO is responsible for the product, engineering, infrastructure, and all technical aspects of Ostakdar’s platform and supporting products. The CTO is a top leader in the company who is responsible for - Collaborating with business and operations managers - Building teams for a product, engineering, infrastructure, and Foster a culture of exploration and growth in the team - Technical strategy, prioritization and planning, and implementation of all technical and technological needs of the business - Lead the product team to build the future product for online marketplaces


Minimum Requirements - Deep technical understanding of mobile and web application development technologies, web and mobile products, and server infrastructure, specifically in high load environments - Open to exploring and learning new technologies with a strong ability to decide accordingly - 10+ years of experience in software/web/ mobile product development - 5+ years of experience in building and leading technical teams - 5+ years of experience working in fast-paced start-ups - Fundamental understanding and hands-on experience using and implementing agile methodologies such as scrum for development teams - Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal - Specific technical knowledge and experience: - 3+ years of experience in Node.js or 5+ years of experience in Python - Experience in using NoSQL and SQL databases in a production environment - Experience in using Message Queues in a production environment - Experience with orchestration frameworks, Docker Swarm or Kubernetes - Excellent knowledge of Linux OS - Experience working with distributed and scalable systems, ability to design them - Very Nice to Have - Entrepreneurial background, track-record of building tech products from scratch - Knowledge of React and React-Native technologies

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