Chief Operation Officer (COO) Otaghak

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Chief Operation Officer (COO)

Posted 10 weeks and 3 Days ago

Job Description

- Long term planning for hosts acquisition and initiating a line of revenue for them. - Developing and planning hosts education cycle. - Initiating a strong & sustainable connection with host’s community in order to increase retention & loyalty. - Holding & planning local events in all cities for hosts. - Managing & leading host acquisition team.


- Capable of setting KPIs and optimizing host acquisition processes. - Capable of developing and initiating strategies in order to increase Otaghak market share. - Capable of conflict and risk management. - Capable of market analysis and initiating strategic pivots. - Capable of initiating a sustainable and effective connection with host's community. - Capable of initiating sustainable, effective and profitable business partnerships. - Capable of leading operation team regarding to Otaghak's vision, mission and business plan. - Capable of developing effective action plans. - Capable of setting quality assurance processes and increasing the quality of services. - Familiar with Iran tourism industry and top destinations. - Familiar with Iran travel economy and pricing according to tourism market and different target audiences. - Familiar with other players and competitors of tourism industry. - Having at least 1 year of experience working in startups. - Ability to work in a dynamic workplace - Having strong team leadership abilities. - Being energetic and passionate - Being responsible and accountable to CEO and Otaghak's shareholders.