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Posted 29 Days ago

Job Description

-Compile and analyze test information to determine process or equipment operating efficiency or to diagnose malfunctions. -Confer with scientists or engineers to conduct analyses of research projects, interpret test results, or develop nonstandard tests. -Write technical papers or reports or prepare standards and specifications for processes, facilities, products, or tests. -Induce changes in composition of substances by introducing chemical catalysts for quantitative or qualitative analysis. -Analyze organic or inorganic compounds to determine chemical or physical properties, composition, structure, relationships, or reactions, using chromatography, spectroscopy, or spectrophotometry techniques. -Maintain laboratory instruments to ensure proper working order and troubleshoot malfunctions when needed. -Develop, improve, or customize products, equipment, formulas, processes, or analytical methods. -Conduct quality control tests. -Direct, coordinate, or advise personnel in test procedures for analyzing components or physical properties of materials. -Prepare test solutions, compounds, or reagents for laboratory personnel to conduct tests.


-Able to work within a team, problem-solving spirit. -Ability to deal with people who hold differing beliefs or values. -Ideal Age Range: 25-32 -Candidates must be in Tehran -Education in BS (Preferably) or higher in chemical sciences. -Experienced in HPLC and GC techniques -Experience in pharmaceutical field would be an advantage -Active, reliable, self-driven and motivate -Good command of English language -Good command of computer knowledge (MS-Office)