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Job Description

- Design and update strategies and policies by board members approval - Implement execute and improvement of strategies and policies - Implement execute and improvement of business process - Attraction, hiring and maintenance HR by board members approval - Attract and develop financial resource and supervisor on financial management. - Develop commercial relationships and supervisor on management of marketing, sales, branding and … - Supervisor on development of products, services and technical infrastructure - Management of key commercial partners relationships - Present periodic reports to board members and align board members idea and market conditions and processes


- PHD or Master in Management, IT, ICT, Industrial engineering - At least 10 years experience in CEO position, Deputy of CEO Executive management, Technical management, and marketing management - Experience of at least 2 successful start-up and present them - Mastery in management of financial, HR, marketing and sales - Familiar with ICT industry, Start Up ecosystem, rolls and processes of this filed - Ability to leadership - Communications, Self-organized, - Political thought and understanding - Mentoring, Networking (human concept) - Responsible and accountable - Strategic thinking, Leadership - Creative, Committed, Self-motivate - Maximum 50 years old