CEO A Leading Company Active in Mining

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Job Description

• Planning and implementing the decisions of the board of directors • Maintaining and upgrading the brand of the company • Provide and present improvement and development plans in line with the company's objectives for the board • Monitoring, evaluating and overseeing all activities of the organization • Conclude new contracts and monitor their implementation • Construction and commissioning of the factory • Cost management and bidding in tenders • Recruiting and employing skilled personnel and using modern HRM methods • Identifying ideas and solutions for solving issues and developing activities and projects • Foreign financing • Drafting regulations and guidelines required and obtaining approval from the board of directors • Provide monthly financial reports to the Board of Directors and annual balance sheets to the General Assembly • Weekly progress reports to the board • Proper interaction with stakeholders and networking


• At least 7 years experience in middle executive management and 5 years senior management in private companies over 80 persons (Experience in mineral fields is an advantage) • Education: Bachelor of Mining Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Industry, plus MBA or Management Master's Degree • Domination of legal, tax and insurance laws • Computer skills (office & ...), finance, HR, commercial, PM, PR • Age: 40-55 years • Sex: Male • Behavioral skills include: communication, negotiation, flexibility, responsibility and accountability, commitment and motivation of service, conflict management, problem solving and decision making, creativity and innovation, stress management, development of others, teamwork, self-management, guidance and political insight • English proficiency • Good reputation • Location: Tehran with missions to other cities • Lack of employment or active membership in other companies