CEO - ShamsAbad

Job Description

The ability to lead and organize the industrial unit with 250 personnel Mastering the technical knowledge and methods of production Mastery of strategic planning and leadership techniques Adequate mastery of financial statements analysis Mastery of organizational processes (production, planning, warehousing, and technical, human resources, quality assurance and control)


Ability to create productivity and increase motivation in subset units High public relations Dominating negotiation techniques Fluency In English Fully master in HAMKARAN SYSTEM Full mastery in the formulation and implementation of systems and organizational methods Ideal age range more than 45

About Company

100-499 employees

In 2005, a group of expert of engineer and much more power forces gathered to gether and kara parsian 110 was established aiming to achieve the optimum quality, novelty and elegance in tobbaco and cigarette industry. We delivering the most desirable and distinct out comes in terms of quality over the years kara parsian has been successfully able to expand its market. In addition it exports its products to more than 7 countries.

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