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CEO - Isfahan

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Job Description

-Implementation of the decisions of the board and provide consulting services and comprehensive management of the company -Constant monitoring of the performance of the managers and personnel consultants -Approval of the company's organizational chart and determine responsibilities and powers -Effective communication within and outside the organization to target goals -Management, planning and control and conduct of all operational processes -Full control over executive function, planning and policy, areas of Deputy -Overseeing the preparation of financial reports and annual performance, balance sheet, profit and loss, and other financial accounts and report to the Board of Directors Briefing -Submit required reports to the Board of Directors


-At least a Master's Degree in Food Engineering, Business Administration or MBA -At least 5 years related work experience (Food Industry especially dairy industry) -Administrative and general familiarity with computer software -Learn and master the rules and regulations of administrative, business, financial, accounting, marketing and sales -Improvement know the full organizational structure and human resource management -Familiarity with qualitative and quantitative indicators of human resources and performance management processes -The economic and social analysis -Ability to communicate effectively -Ideal Age: at least 35 years