Catering Factory Manager - Karaj

Job Description

-Responsible for the supervision and enforcement of all affairs related to the factory and product production -Monitor all operations and processes -Prepare operating reports -Maintain a safe work environment and follow all safety regulations -Conducting and managing the factory to increase the productivity -Manage and supervise staff, preparing work schedules and assigning specific duties -Motivate staff to correct and improve the processes -Ensure all legal requirements, company safety procedures, and local and state health and safety regulations are met -Reporting to: CEO-Very Dynamic Team Player Managing and supervising 18 branches in Tehran city. Managing more than 30 employees. Organizing and executing training programs for branch personnel Evaluating employee performance and providing feedback and coaching as needed Resolving customer problems as needed Managing budgets, allocating branch funds, and defining financial objectives Coordinating with other branches to share knowledge, plan promotional activities, or achieve goals


-At least Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, food industry or any related major -At least 5 years’ experience as factory manager in a factory with more than 300 staff -At least twelve years’ experience in food industries -Strong knowledge of financial analysis -Familiar with the basics of various maintenance strategies including TPM maintenance, preventive, predictive, and accidental maintenance, identification of the work environment, different types of net systems (centralized, semi-central, mixed), and Their deployment -Able to analyze information -Able to plan Operations -Familiar with material control, during construction and final product, test methods -Leadership ability -Good negotiation skill -Excellent communication skill -Lecture skills -Familiar with English

About Company

500 employees or more

Sabah industries group is a manufacturing and service provision companies were founded in Iran in year 2000. Its main factories are located in the lush green county of Golestan (north of Iran, near the Caspian Sea) and Ghoochan (North East of Iran), and the head office is situated in Tehran. These manufacturing facilities were designed and commissioned by Iranian engineers in 2000 and within short period of time, Sabah Group established itself as one of Irans top producers and has won many accolades.

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