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Job Description

Team Mission: As the specialist of a category, a CS’s main goal is to help with relevant day to day tasks which make the process of ASD/CSDs easier, be it statistical analysis, market research and/or seller relations. Job Summary: CS is the primary contact point of any department, responsible for continuous and effortless cooperation between interdepartmental bodies, cross department colleagues and/or market/customer contact points. CS combines his/her analytical mind with commercial understanding in order to bring forth the most reliable information. Successful CS will be an active body, with the ability to work independently, be comfortable with long hours, and communicate and influence colleagues at all levels of the organization in order to make work process more effortless. Roles and Responsibilities: • Coordinate with their chain of command to view daily job requirements, coordination, research and execution required for relevant tasks at hand • Conduct analysis of sales and assortment data, draw insights, recommendations based on market research, communicate and collaborate with related accounts/ASDs for execution of: • Assist ASD/CSD teams with helpful information gathered from market and/or analysis of seller performance. • Assist with insights and recommendations on assortment gaps which he/she would feed to relevant chain of command • Find and target accounts of high commercial value and report them to relevant chain of command • ·Research category sourcing strategies, report on working daily statistics, report the process of the account/targets and conduct inventory management analysis and practices • Coordinate marketing practices, monitor, analyze and assess the category/brand performance • Collaborate with online merchandising unit for category tree, filters, product sorting rules and overall product presentation based on historical performance, the category strategy and available deals • Target B2B deals and potentials if relevant/applicable to the category • Enthusiastic approach to a thorough understanding of the related category market, its seasonality and global business trends/events, continually monitoring of competitor/industry developments and all relevant market statistics


Minimum requirements: • At least university degree in Business, ecommerce, project management or any other related field • 2+ years of professional related experience (S&D specialist, category management, ecommerce) • Proven analytical skills • Eager to learn and develop personal and professional skills • Track and maintain global/domestic level of information and field related articles, events and exhibitions and participation probabilities • Demonstrate ability to manage multiple, projects - work prioritization, planning and task follow up, and meet deadlines. • Outside of the box thinker, dedicated work ethics and self-motivated • Understanding of general electronics field, it’s categories and category relevant top 10 brands/vendors/suppliers (local or international) Added value: • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills (required) • Excellent Excel Skills (required) • Excellent PowerPoint and presentation skills (required) • Commercial awareness developed in a fast-moving environment (is a plus) • Fluency in English (is a plus) • Any other third language (is a plus)