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Cash Collector

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Job Description

Objective: For over decades, L’Oreal Company has remained a major player of Cosmetic & Beauty within the consumer goods industry. Zarsima Ara, the L’Oreal Exclusive Agent in Iran is looking for a Cash Collector. Cash collection is a function of clarify Accounts receivable. It is the recovery of cash from a business or individual with which you have issued an Invoice. Some duties will include but not be limited to: -Serious follow up with clients recover outstanding payments, including phone calls, repeated visits, email or message -Visit clients regularly to collect their payments before the deadline arrives -Negotiate payoff deadlines or payment plans with clients customized personally for each of them -Alert clients on a regular plan of their probable overdue payments before the deadline arrives -Handle clients questions or complaints around payment & financial issues -Report discrepancies to the superior -Create trust relationships with clients when possible to avoid future issues -Update account status and database regularly -Alert financial superiors of clients unwilling or unable to pay when necessary -Comply with requirements when legal action is unavoidable -Working effectively with sales team members across functions to reach a resolution for accounts -Conduct cash transactions with customers -Archive required documents for further reference -Reporting to: Credit and cash Collection Supervisor -Working hours: Saturday - Wednesday: 8:15 - 17:30 -Travel requirements: No -Commission /Bonus: Yes


-Accounting or any related major/ Any certificate on Accounting or Account Analysis is a plus -Preferably have related experience mainly on cash collection, sales accounting, and treasury accounting •Specialist knowledge: Accounting - Account Analysis - Sales Accounting - Customer Credit - CRM - Public Relation •Other Skills: -Skilled in customer service interactions/- -Ability to communicate with professional image/ customer-focused mindset through various channels (e.g. phone, e-mail, etc.) -Ability to resolve exceptions and disputes -Ability to manage customer expectations -Ability to convey financial messages to leadership clearly -Ability to work well under pressure and meet deadlines -Ability to delegate and coordinate the performance of work activities -Perfect Negotiation Skills -Perfect Communication Skills -High Tolerance Ideal Age Range: 25-35 -Nationality Preference: Iranian -Language Skills: Good command in English Current Residence: Tehran - West