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Branch Coordinator/Supervisor

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Job Description

1. Being responsible for all operation in the branch and control the job continuously and effectively. 2. Have suitable daily planning. 3. Manage all the group who works for. 4. Being responsible of main cash desks, reports, and all relate. 5. Have routine daily/ weekly reports to the manager. 6. If there are any problems with the devices and the program where the data entry is made, office tools, and etc... Have planning and solution for. 7. All the job responsibility for this branch also is for other branches we will made.


1. Having at least 2 years of management experience. 2. knowing one of the languages from English or German to make communications. 3. Should be attentive in appearance and talking. 4. Precision, attentiveness, follow-up and organizational skills. 5. Careful, lawful, have good physical appearance. 6. Ideal Age: up to 45