Job Description

-Boardman of production process, monitoring and analysis of process, P&ID and logic control. - Evaluation of chemical process , mass and material balance ,revision of the production schedule, technical specifications, production process and other data for realization of production methods and activities -Evaluation of the production or services quality with maximum efficiency – -Designing control systems to coordinate production activities and programming to ensure good product quality - Daily research and development in the field of the project - Relations with research centers and domestic and foreign scientific institutes for the promotion and development of company processes. -Management of specialized courses in research topics "Chemical experiments" -Working time: as shift -Job Location: Eshtehard industrial zone


-At least Bachelor Degree in chemical Engineer -Minimum three(3) years experiences in relevant fields -Office software skill: Advanced -Ability to work under pressure and as a shift -Candidate’s Preferred location: Eshtehard, Buin Zahra, Mahdasht, karaj

About Company

500 employees or more

Meditechsys Company was established in 1381 and became a pioneer in manufacturing and Supplying of dialysis equipment. It's part of Iran Dialysis Consortium. The group major missions are producing and developing dialysis equipment.

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