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Backend Developer

Posted 4 Month ago

Job Description

We are a new team branched from an experienced and knowledge-based corporation, founded to develop a mobile game app which we expect to have a rapid growing. We are looking for a proactive and reliable person to be responsible for main parts of backend development. List of responsibilities: - Designing and implementing the database - Designing and implementing communication protocols between backend and frontend - Design and implement unit and integrated tests - Define some parts of deployment process - Collaborate with front-end developers - Implement prototype design - Participate in technical meetings Reporting to: Product owner. Working hours: Flexible Commission / Bonus / Benefits: Alongside the main incentives there is an opportunity to complete your military service as an employee for a knowledge-based corporation.


- There is no framework constraint but Django is preferred. - Good related experience - Experience with devops culture - Having teamwork skills, and as a backend developer needs some leadership capability - Design and implement unit and integrated tests - Knowledge of design patterns concepts