Back-End PHP Developer - Isfahan

Back-End PHP Developer - Isfahan

Job Description

A web developer who is experienced with back-end technologies and general programming techniques and is also willing to learn and advance. We have a couple of great scrum teams that we want to expand. Our workplace is both friendly and professional, and we constantly look for people who long to work in such a place and with such a team.


•Technical Requirements: -Over 2 years of experience as a back-end developer or similar -Comfortable with version control systems, namely Git -Proficient in RDBMSs such as MySQL or PostgreSQL •Preferred Skills: -Working experience with PHP and its MVC frameworks -Good knowledge of Object-Oriented principles •Soft Skills: -Willing to learn and adapt to a changing work environment -Comfortable with English, especially in reading and writing -Strong team and communication skills -Detail-oriented, with focus on maintainability and testability

This position is no longer available.

About Company

10-49 employees

RDSysCo started in 2016 as a software producer. Its domain is design, implementation and execution of ERP applications in the energy industry. These applications are designed for effective management, performance gain and improvements in enterprise processes, including but not limited to human resources, safety, accounting and project management.

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