Back-End PHP Developer - Isfahan Raya Dyar System (RDSysCo)

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Posted 5 months ago

Job Description

A web developer who is experienced with back-end technologies and general programming techniques and is also willing to learn and advance. We have a couple of great scrum teams that we want to expand. Our workplace is both friendly and professional, and we constantly look for people who long to work in such a place and with such a team.


•Technical Requirements: -Over 2 years of experience as a back-end developer or similar -Comfortable with version control systems, namely Git -Proficient in RDBMSs such as MySQL or PostgreSQL •Preferred Skills: -Working experience with PHP and its MVC frameworks -Good knowledge of Object-Oriented principles •Soft Skills: -Willing to learn and adapt to a changing work environment -Comfortable with English, especially in reading and writing -Strong team and communication skills -Detail-oriented, with focus on maintainability and testability