Automated Test Engineer (Java)

Automated Test Engineer (Java)

Job Description

Major Responsibilities: • Interact with product management, project management and development team to develop a strong understanding of the project and testing objectives. • Design and create test conditions and scripts to address business and technical use cases • Use existing tools and techniques to execute test cases and build/script new tools for performing testing/validation function • Develop and lead the automation strategy/effort and generate scripts to perform automated testing cycles • Execute and analysis automation test results. • Participate in troubleshooting and triaging of issues with different teams to drive towards root cause identification and resolution • Document, track and escalate issues as appropriate, using Quality Center or similar tools/means • Support production deployment of applications and perform “validation testing” during the off-hours maintenance windows


Minimum Requirements: • Excellent verbal and written communication skills • Technical background and an understanding of the banking industry • Good development/scripting skills in common languages like Java/Groovy/Shellscripts • Database skills, mainly in mongodb and postgresql • Good experience with different Operating Systems, with emphasis on Unix variants • Good understanding of object oriented programming and J2EE architecture • Knowledge of automated testing tools such as FogxBugz, Jira, saucelabs • Must demonstrate an understanding of IP networking, protocols such as HTTP and HTTPS, SOAP, REST, SSL etc. • Proven ability to manage and prioritize multiple, diverse projects simultaneously • Must be flexible, independent and self-motivated • Punctual, Regular and consistent attendance

About Company

500 employees or more

Digikala Group is a leading e-commerce organization with a firm grip in multiple online industries including consumer goods, fashion & apparel, e-books, content publishing, digital advertising, big data, fintech, FMCG and logistics. The company operates through its subsidiaries including Digikala, DIGISTYLE, Fidibo and digipay representing nearly 92% of Iran’s online retail market share. With exponential growth of its customer base around its subsidiaries, the future for Digikala Group is bright and abundant. The company is dedicated to build upon its strong foothold in e-commerce and help more consumers and businesses around the MENA region to create more possibilities online, helping to boost the region’s promising economy with world-class standards in technology and service. At Digikala Group, the focus is on building for the future and increasing our presence in the markets we curren...

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