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Objective: Working closely with the client, analysts examine existing business models and flows of data, discuss their findings with the client, and design an appropriate improved IT solution. Tasks: 1.Gather and organize information on problems or procedures. 2. Analyze data gathered and develop solutions or alternative methods of proceeding. 3. Confer with personnel concerned to ensure successful functioning of newly implemented systems or procedures. 4. Develop and implement records management program for filing, protection, and retrieval of records, and assure compliance with program. 5. Review forms and reports and confer with management and users about format, distribution, and purpose, and to identify problems and improvements. 6. Interview personnel and conduct on-site observation to ascertain unit functions, work performed, and methods, equipment, and personnel used. 7. Document findings of study and prepare recommendations for implementation of new systems, procedures, or organizational changes. 8. Prepare manuals and train workers in use of new forms, reports, procedures or equipment, according to organizational policy. 9. Design, evaluate, recommend, and approve changes of forms and reports. 10. Plan study of work problems and procedures, such as organizational change, communications, information flow, integrated production methods, inventory control, or cost analysis. Reporting to: Project Manager Other interactions: Clients Number required: 2 Duration: 3 years contract Working hours: Sun-Thursday


University qualifications : A Bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited college or university in a field directly related to the administrative, management or fiscal duties of this class(such as Industrial Eng.). Other Skills : - Strong analysis skills - Attention to detail - Team working - Written and verbal communication skills - Inter-personal skills - Flexibility - Adaptability - Initiative - Creative thinking - Critical thinking