Administrator (ASP Controller) Afra Tandis Piroozan

  • Full Time

  • Tehran

      -   Tehran

Posted 10 months ago

Job Description

1. Controlling ASP (Asus Service Partner) performance in TAT and Quality 2. Pushing case process where needed 3. Monthly reporting + KPI (Key Performance Indicator) 4. Handling of Escalation cases (Call center/Service partner related) 5. Monitoring of daily WIP (Work in Progress) 6. Weekly pending/TAT/SWAP analyzes 7. Monthly Customer satisfaction analyze 8. Weekly reporting Sales 9. Contact window for small repairs 10. Checking and controlling of QR (Quality Related) cases.


Education: bachelor level. Work experience: You have an administrative/ service related background. Languages: You speak and write fluently English.  You are capable of working in a fast changing environment and are flexible.  You have a high stress level, are logical and analytical.  You are capable of working independently and you have a high responsibility level.  Your communication skills are good and you have an excellent knowledge about MS office, especially Excel.