Accountant Tabesh Gostar Mehyad

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  • Tehran

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Posted 28 Days ago

Job Description

Title: Senior Accountant in a Medical Device Distributor Company Objective of the role: Keeping the accounts of Sales and Expenses of the company Key Responsibilities: Keeping the sales accounts, Keeping the expenses accounts, Providing Reports on Sales, Outstanding Balances, Customers and Warehouse, Communicating with Customers and Banks, Financial Follow-ups Reporting to: CEO, COO, CFO Working Hours: 9:00 - 17:00 Office: Tehran, Sohrevardi Travel Requirements: None TAX reports, VAT, Official Books: Not required


Qualifications and Certifications: Knowledge and Working Experience on Accounting Special Skills: High Communication Skills, Teamwork, High Responsibility Software Skills: Microsoft Office, Sepidar, Holoo