Services for Universities offers a number of services for universities and academic institutions across Iran as well as internationally. These services are outlined below.

Given the significance of youth education and the non-profit nature of most universities, typically offers these services to universities on a partnership basis, without charge.

  • Promoting university career days to employers: Through mailshots, banners and newsletter sponsorships, we can promote your university's career days to over 2,000 employers across Iran, inviting them to participate and present their career opportunities to your graduates.

  • Promoting executive education courses: Business schools may promote their executive education courses to professionals or companies across the region through mailshots and banners. These can be custom-targeted by a range of criteria, including country.

  • Creating internship opportunities for students: We can send mailshots on behalf of your university to employers across the region to inform them about your university's internship or co-op program and to invite them to take your students on board.

  • Placing graduates into jobs: Using our proprietary technology and online recruitment tools, we can facilitate and simplify the application process for your graduates, helping them market themselves to thousands of potential employers across Iran.

For more information or to discuss how your university may benefit from these services, feel free to contact us.

Universities previously using this service have included: