About Yeganeh Andish Sarmayeh (Yas Co)

Yeganeh Andish Sarmayeh (Yas co) has been funded in autumn of 2009 as an investment company.
Yas co is an active unit in IRAN with respects to the governmental rules and regulations, also has international business activities without any restrictions which follows standard guidelines in different foreign markets.
The fields include:
1. Rayen vehicle manufacturer: Manufacturing and commerce of vehicle and related industries
2. Parastoy-e AbiArg: Sales and after-sales services of Rayen vehicle manufacturer product
3. Yeganeh Andish Naft: Trading in oil and petrochemical
4. Yeganeh Andish Sanat: Trading in Mining and Metal
5. Yeganeh Andish Sazeh: Investment in Building, construction and architecture
6. Don Ertebat Goya: Production and trade in the heating and cooling industries
7. Radkish: Trade in basic commodities, food and cosmetics

Current Vacancies

1 .   Supervisor for Collecting Claims Tehran, Iran 15 Feb 2018
2 .   Head of Treasury Accounting Karaj, Iran 03 Feb 2018
3 .   Accounting Expert Tehran, Iran 11 Jan 2018
4 .   Foreign Procurement Expert Tehran, Iran 11 Jan 2018
5 .   Internal Supply Engineer Tehran, Iran 10 Jan 2018
6 .   Sales Manager Tehran, Iran 06 Jan 2018

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