About Rahbord Negar Amitis- Mitoconnect

Mitoconnect Technologies is a high-tech SME with a vision to play a pivotal role into the assimilation of novel technologies into the local Iranian Market. The founders of Mitoconnect Technologies have packed years of experience in the highest levels of the international telecom market, in the era of the wireless communications surge, into a coordinated modus operandi on the corporate level, with a special emphasis on creating the type of sustainable architecture capable of catering for the demands of our special customers on a long-term basis.

One pillar of this corporate-level alignment, is, without any doubt, our Human Resources. Mitoconnect Technologies is committed to putting together goal-oriented teams, and therefore, utterly keen on local talents that can absorb our way of thinking and generate consistent value for us and themselves. If you are an honest individual who believes in the value of hard work and genuinely thinks they can achieve whatever they set their minds to, choose Mitoconnect.

Current Vacancies

1 .   D&S Manager Tehran, Iran 14 Jan 2018
2 .   Software Project Manager Tehran, Iran 01 Jan 2018

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