About Karmania

- Karmania Automotive Manufacturing Company was founded in 2007 to establish new production lines for car manufacturing.
- To this purpose, the company launched a new project to manufacture pickup models in a joint project with a Chinese company, however after 3 years of activity due to sanction limitations, Karmania shut down the project and the company remained inactive until 2014, when Hezar Trading Company purchased the major parts of its stocks and restarted the company with new visions and goals.
- At the moment, Karmania has set goals are to establish an advanced automotive manufacturing line in collaboration with a number of well-known global brands and create sustainable jobs in Bam deprived area.

Current Vacancies

1 .   Software Developer (Systems Software) Tehran, Iran 27 Dec 2017
2 .   Sales Consultant Tehran, Iran 27 Dec 2017

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