About Gostaresh Paya Sanat Sina (Sinapad)

Gostaresh Paya Sanat Sina, is one of the industrial developments conventions of Poor Foundation that is established as follow based on the decision of foundation president in June of 2009 in order to professional management of manufacturing companies by diverse activities:
Tire and industrial black carbon activities including companies like Iran Tires, Khuzestan Tire and FAM industrial Soot.
Tile and ceramic activities including companies like Sina Tile and Pars Tile.
Glasswork activities including companies like Glass & Gas and Mina Glass.
Construction engineering and equipment installation activities including Iran Tools.
Wood and cellulose activities including wood industry companies of north, Karoon chipboard, Khalkhal Chipboard.
Textile activities including companies like Shahrekurd Hijab, Selk Baf.

Current Vacancies

1 .   Export Manager Tehran , Iran 09 Jan 2018
2 .   Product Manager Tehran, Iran 06 Jan 2018
3 .   Project Supervisor Tehran, Iran 06 Jan 2018
4 .   HR Expert Tehran, Iran 03 Jan 2018

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