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Native English Teacher

Lingoland Tehran

a day ago

Job Description

  • Teaching children aged 2 to 8 through Lingoland's active, hands-on, creative play-based method.
  • Providing a creative and fun environment for learning.
  • Evaluating the children’s progress on a regular basis and providing reports as required.
  • Updating the knowledge of teaching on a regular basis.


  • On-the-job training includes training regarding the skill sets that may be required exclusively by the Institute and also more general courses that may benefit a wider range of positions.
  • Background support from the teaching team regarding teaching material and lesson planning alongside an experienced teaching assistant to ensure a higher level of education.
  • A positive and highly supportive education team.
  • Regular performance-based reward schemes.
  • Friendly working environment.

********* Lucrative and Negotiable Payment********


This teaching position requires a native speaker’s proficiency in the target language. This means they have acquired the target language through direct exposure, either raised in a country that is predominantly i.e English-speaking or was raised by English-speaking parents.

  • Ability to build a supportive relationship and identify a child's individual learning potential.
  • Good knowledge of child psychology and play-based teaching methods.
  • Ability to work as part of a team.
  • Computer literacy.