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Production Planning Expert

Iran Delco (IDCO)

Posted 3 minutes ago

Job Description

● Review and control the daily implementation of the program provided to the production units and submit relevant reports. ● Track and record cases of production successes, registration, information and follow-up to resolve and also provide periodic reports. ● Submit work reports in different units and submitting periodic reports. ● Capacity measurement and timing of production lines ● Locating and designing the layout of production lines


● At least Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering or similar fields. ● More than 3 years' experiences in production planning. ● Specialist knowledge: Complete skills in working with software: MSP, Office, and Excel. ● Expertise in material controlling system and planning the needs of MRP materials. ● Advanced knowledge of production machinery, processes, and standards. ● Critical thinking and problem-solving skills. ● Strong communication and presentation skills. ● Troubleshooting skills and attention to detail. ● Documentation and organization skills. ● Familiar with the location and layout of production lines using AutoCAD software