Technical Expert (Fixed Equipment)

Masnouat Felezi Sangin (MFS)


Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

● Review, control, and check general arrangement drawings and detailed drawings of fixed equipment per calculations. ● Prepare MTO, as per detailed drawings and calculations. ● Prepare and check WPS and PQR Procedures such as painting NDT, Hydrotest, etc. in cooperation with the QC department. ● Perform calculations for different purposes as per design practices, and handbooks. ● Review comments on documents with clients and consultants when necessary. ● Provide engineering services including primary calculations preparation of mechanical data sheets and sketches for the sales department. ● Review contracts and attached documents such as MR, technical clarification specifications, and standard drawings. ● Estimate time required for fulfilling assigned tasks for the engineering supervisor or manager and project control department. ● Support purchasing and procurement team in preparing related purchase document lists such as MR, technical clarifications, technical Bid evaluations, etc.


● Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. ● Familiarity with direct-fired heaters. ● At least 3 years of experience in similar areas for fixed, process, or rotary equipment, in MC or EPC companies or industrial plants. ● Ability to read, understand and apply related codes and standards such as ASME, API 650/620, TEMA, ANSIS, API, API560, 530, 535, 556. ● Preferably familiar with design software such as PV-ELITE, Nozzle Pro, HTRI, Aspen, AutoCAD, and MATLAB. ● Good at MS Office, especially Excel. ● Good at English, comprehension, and writing.

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