Systems and Methods Expert



Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

● Design and analyze the system, including processes and relationships between the system and related forms. ● Collaborate on the diagnosis and improvement of existing organizational processes. ● Analyze system and process. ● Define KPIs and measures for processes and manage their measurement and reporting. ● Conduct internal audits based on the implemented management system standards. ● Prepare regulations and instructions. ● Review and re-engineer work processes periodically and continuously. ● Implement process validation and documentation. ● Supervise how to record lessons learned in the knowledge management system. ● Train process owners to prepare the required process documentation based on best practices and workflow. ● Improve the organization's infrastructure for strategic planning.


● Familiar with ISO standards especially process management standards (ISO 9001). ● Familiar with MIS. ● Familiar with BPMN. ● Familiar with organization structure and formation development fundamentals. ● Good knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Visio, etc.). ● Analytical thinking. ● Familiarity with systems design methodology. ● Eager to learn and grow individually.

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