Senior International Transportation Expert

Solico Group (Kalleh)


Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

● Studying, gathering, reviewing, and updating issues related to activities and logistical requirements in the export of the relevant product and in the field of export activities and customers and export target markets. ● Receiving foreign orders and referred requests from export planning. ● Monitoring the logistical status of the product from loading and shipping to delivery to the export customer related to export logistics activities and providing relevant reports. ● Evaluating export logistics activities and processes, preparing relevant reports ● Providing and following required documents (including packing, invoice, certificate of origin and health certificate, etc.). ● Monitoring the product's expiry dates according to the time required for shipping and logistics activities. ● Coordinating and interacting with export production and planning. ● Analyzing data and records and reviewing the logistics processes of the product in order to suggest improving the processes and appropriate solutions for resolving the logistics complications. ● Providing solutions for export logistics issues and following up to implement the proposed solutions. ● Continuous interaction and participation and coordination with sales in destination countries. ● Interacting with production teams to improve or eliminate potential quantitative and qualitative product problems for exporting. ● Continuous interaction, participation, and coordination with sales in destination exporting countries. ● Implementing and monitoring the deployment of product logistics requirements for new exports. ● Pursuing, preparing, editing and presenting periodic reports of export logistics. ● Preparing instructions and executive procedures related to the job activities and responsibilities. ● Ensuring production and delivery of the product Participating and Coordinating with R&D changes and meeting the requirements of the new product in logistics and exports. ● Organizing the export logistics documents. ● Reviewing and monitoring the list of products with production or logistics discrepancies and pursuing it to resolve production or logistics discrepancies. ● Monitoring performance criteria to measure, compare or evaluate factors affecting logistics and sending orders.


● 2 years of experience in the export of dairy and food products. ● ISCED 6 = Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering, Management, or related fields. ● Advanced English language proficiency. ● Fluent in ICDL. ● Full familiarity with INCOTERMS. ● Foreign purchase and customs courses or foreign trade or export training degrees.

Employment Type

  • Full Time

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