Senior HR Expert

Parto Pishgaman Pouya


Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

● Analyze organizational jobs (job design) and compilation of job descriptions. ● Submit all recruitment processes from zero to one hundred and announce employment, resume screening, job interviews, recruitment, and selection of final candidates. ● Continuous follow-up of activities until the result is achieved and the assigned tasks are completed. ● Performance appraisal and job classification, personnel development and training, personal insurance, and reporting to collection management.


● Familiar with how to search for job sites and offer a job offer. ● Familiar with the principles and techniques of interviewing, selecting, and hiring and having sufficient experience in doing relevant work. ● Familiar with attendance and function registration software. ● Familiar with the implementation of performance evaluation and optimization systems. ● Mastery of human resources processes (recruitment and management of personnel performance, job analysis and compilation of job description, performance appraisal and job classification, personnel development and training, personal insurance) and reporting to the collection management. ● Familiar with human resources systems and suggestion systems. ● Familiar with the concepts of human resources risk. ● Familiar with human resources process effectiveness models. ● Familiar with the development of bylaws and work instructions and organizational charts and workflow.

Employment Type

  • Full Time

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