Online and Digital Channels Customer Care Supervisor



Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

● To collaborate with CR back office, quality assurance, and other related teams to ensure appropriate support and monitoring of team activities. ● To cooperate with the line manager and facilitate implementation of assigned projects, CERs, and URLs pertaining to social media and other online/digital customer care channels. ● To cooperate with the line manager in enhancing digital customer support applications and channels with technical internal and external parties. ● To have active collaboration with related teams to achieve, targets of projects/campaigns raised by the company on social media. ● To control platforms and systems and follow up their issues with related teams to be solved. ● To ensure implementation of assigned projects and operational plans, internal processes, and approved PPPs within the team ● To lead team activities to ensure they comply with defined targets, QoS, and agreed service levels. ● To guide the team in supporting customers’ queries, professional comments, issues, and questions received through different official online/digital channels and social media channels. ● To regularly monitor the team and control to ensure all given feedback to customers on online and digital channels are aligned with MTN Irancell Customer Relationship PPPs. ● To monitor received comments on online and digital channels and escalate the issues and alarming information to the manager or related team based on approved processes. ● To analyze customer care-related requirements in online and social media environments and report them to the management team. ● To review team processes and provide QA and process teams feedback to cover the gaps based on customers’ needs and identified objectives. ● To actively contribute to raise and clarify to raise and clarify change requests (CR) for approved initiatives and projects in the Customer Online Support field and control their proper functionality and performance after implementation. ● To monitor and provide reports on social media and online customers’ behavior trends for the line manager. ● To research on latest developments for social/online/digital customer care solutions and propose them to the line manager. ● To provide monthly, weekly, and daily reports on team activities and digital/ social media stat to the management team. ● To monitor user-generated content and comments surrounding the business and report significant threats to the line manager. ● To control and evaluate the team's performance in quantity, quality, and timely response. ● To provide feedback on team performance and team status to the line Manager. ● To coordinate periodic team meetings with direct reports, reviewing targets and team performance. ● To coordinate, create, and provide customer care content for the MTNIrancell digital platforms and social media channels, including Instagram, Twitter, etc. in alignment with Company PPPs.


● Bachelor's degree in Commerce (Marketing, Communications) or related fields. ● Fluent in English. ● At least 3 years of experience in an area of specialization; with experience in supervising others. ● Experience working in a medium organization. ● Strong copywriting skills for social media. ● Working knowledge of social media tools (CRMs).

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