Modern Trade Supervisor

Zarrin Barg Persia (ZBP)


Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

● Establish favorable business relationships with key people in chain stores. ● Focus on the merchandising of products in the best shelf point with the largest shelf share in chain stores, whether in the initial layout space or in promotional spaces (secondary). ● Create, maintain, and develop the layout team in the relevant stores, as well as improve the scientific and practical level of fixed and auxiliary merchandisers. ● Follow up on the payments of the chain stores from the central offices. ● Taking orders at the specified time and at the specified amount in the monthly target. ● Implement plans to increase sales in order to create an output of products from the store.


● Team management skills. ● Strong analytical, and planning skills. ● Sales, merchandising, and negotiation skills. ● Tact and diplomacy, account management skills. ● Good presentation skills. ● Excellent communication skills. ● At least 5 years of related experience.

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