Sales and Marketing Manager

Pars Fanavaran Radin


Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

One of the successful candidate's main tasks is the preparation of seasonal and dynamic marketing plans, and based on it, the customers of the company should be contacted. He is responsible for the performance of sales according to that marketing plan. He should analyze the market and also prepare a plan to expand the market either by diversifying the costumers for current products or finding new related possible products in markets. Moreover, He should gather information about the competitors and analyze them in order to modify the condition of the company in the market. Furthermore, he should prepare and send reports about analyzing and expanding the market to the strategy section of the company. He should be able to attend the fairs and also perform the events, including fairs, in which the company is active in them. Also, he should have the ability to manage the digital environment of the company, e.g. website and social media, and its contents.


● Bachelor's or Master's degree in Marketing, MBA, or related fields. ● Strong abilities in negotiation. ● Experience in preparing a marketing plan. ● Skills in B2B marketing. ● Skills in presenting exact reports. ● Skills in managing and attending fairs. ● Knowledge of digital marketing.

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