Management Systems Expert



Posted 3 months ago

Job Description

● Analyzing and evaluating existing organizational processes. ● Developing and controlling new Business Processes. ● Evaluating the organization's processes in order to improve the systems, methods, and performance indicators used in accordance with the organizational strategies and missions. ● Evaluating the performance of organizational departments for modification of processes, methods, and systems used to comply with objectives, missions, and the assigned tasks. ● Planning and conducting internal audits. ● Implementation and maintenance of the requirements of the standards in different ISO Standards (ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001). ● Assisting different departments in determining corrective actions and the necessary follow-ups for closing corrective actions. ● Interacting with Organizations’ departments to define and assess different risks and opportunities as well as determining response action.


● Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering, Management, or MBA. ● At least 6 years of related experience in field of planning, quality management in the Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical industries. ● Mastery of the concepts and principles implementation process management system. ● Mastery of process management tools. ● Familiar with the requirements of integrated management systems. ● Familiar with management dashboard system. ● Familiar with the business excellence model. ● Familiar with an internal audit of management systems. ● Mastery of applying risk-based approach within different work processes.

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