International Marketer

Mahab Ghodss


Posted 6 months ago

Job Description

The objective of the role: ● Support the team for expansion in the scope and goals with regard to the internationalization of the firm. List of responsibilities: ● Research, monitor, and development in the financial analysis. ● Research, monitor, and development in market analysis. ● Strategic planning. ● Reporting to: International Marketing Manager. ● Subordinates: No. ● Length of probation period: 3 Months. ● Working hours: Sat. til Wed. 7:30 to 16:30. ● Travel requirements: Depends on the circumstances. ● Monthly base salary: Basic rate of 5 million Tomans. ● Commission, bonus, and benefits: Occasional bonuses and monthly efficiency reward + health insurance.


● MBA graduate, or Master's degree in Construction Management or Project Management from Tehran University, Sharif University, Amir Kabir University, Iran Science and Technology University, and Khaje Nasiroddin Toosi University. ● At least 6.5 band score of IELTS or 79 of TOEFL ● Soft skills and personality traits: Teamwork, eager learner, socially flexible.

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