Hardware and Network Expert

Elite Daroo


Posted a month ago

Job Description

● Obtaining the necessary information about policies, guidelines, instructions, programs, goals, circulars, and regulations related to the activity and including them in the operational planning of the unit, creating interaction with the contracting companies, contractors, and related organizations to solve software problems. ● Installing and launching new software in relevant organizational units, taking backups of organizational software and sorting them, and ensuring their correctness. ● Preparing and maintaining documents related to the unit's activities.


● Familiarity with MCSE topics. ● Familiarity with Mikrotik topics. ● Familiarity with Cisco topics. ● Proficient in Network and Network Troubleshooting. ● Proficient in MCITP. ● Proficient in CCNA. ● Proficient in the organization's information and communication systems. ● Ability to do group work. ● Ability to make decisions and solve problems. ● Ability to establish effective human communication. ● Creativity and initiative.

Employment Type

  • Full Time

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