Foreign Commercial Expert

Aala Niroo


Posted a month ago

Job Description

● Coordinate and manage all purchase orders and monitor their process. ● Obtain the relevant licenses from organizations and institutions in accordance with the need to register the order. ● Carry out all banking affairs related to foreign purchases and follow-up related to currency allocation. ● Follow up on matters related to customs clearance and customs affairs. ● Document and archive all business reports. ● Direct Manager: Managing Director and Sales Manager. ● Probation period: 1 month.


● Fluent in customs regulations, clearance and banking, import and export, and related organizations. ● Fluent in foreign trade and international transportation. ● Fluent in the processes of order registration and foreign exchange and customs remittances, documentary credits, and fulfillment of bank obligations. ● Fluent in EPL systems, comprehensive trading systems and warehouse systems. ● Familiarity with the principles and techniques of negotiation and trade and the rules of the day. ● Ability to do teamwork. ● A responsible, creative, and persistent person. ● Ability to report to the CEO. ● Having confidence.

Employment Type

  • Full Time

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