Foreign Commercial Expert

Sanat Rayan Pars


Posted 3 months ago

Job Description

● Handling all international commercial affairs such as sourcing, ordering, corresponding, monitoring of orders process with suppliers such as commercial registration, getting feedback as well as upstream reports, etc. ● Negotiating with suppliers and buyers about payment methods, product quality, and prices. ● Arranging and following up on all shipments, sending and receiving required commercial and shipping documents. ● Carrying out insurance, inspection, certificate of origin, and receiving approval from the chamber of commerce and the Ministry of foreign affairs. ● Following up on customs clearance procedures, import and export license, and all other necessary official processes for import and export.


● Military services: Completed or exempted. ● Export experience is required. ● Fluency in English and ICDL skills. ● A third language (Arabic, Turkish, etc.) is preferred. ● Familiar with negotiation techniques and strong expression skills. ● Familiar with 2020 INCOTERMS and import-export regulations. ● Familiar with the process of order registration in NTSW and customs clearance in EPL. ● Familiar with the remittance banking process, receiving allocation and other approvals, receiving bank confirmation, and fulfilling the commitment. ● Being up to date on current laws, and regulations and anticipating changes if required in working areas (such as import and customs affairs).

Employment Type

  • Full Time

Employment type

  • Full Time

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