Financial and Audit Expert

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Posted 6 months ago

Job Description

● Review of periodic and annual financial statements of the organization and the financial group. ● Preparation of monthly, interim, and annual financial statements. ● Control and supervision over the preparation of the organization's periodic and annual budget document in accordance with the organization's strategy. ● Continuous cooperation with statutory auditors and auditors in reviewing and controlling calculations related to profit and loss accounts and balance sheet accounts. ● Issuance of payment documents of contractors' status statements, settlement of the organization's advances, etc. ● Compilation of a checklist for compliance with the rules and regulations for instructions issued by regulatory authorities outside the organization. ● Development of risk assessment worksheets for identified processes in the operational area of ​​the organization. ● Evaluate the internal control system using the test of control measures in the operational areas of the organization.


● Fluent in financial statement analysis. ● Fluent in principles of auditing. ● Fluent in accounting principles. ● Fluent in financial principles and standards. ● Fluent in accounting topics. ● Fluent in principles of financial management. ● Fluent in principles and methods of budgeting. ● Fluent in financial audit. ● Fluent in internal audit. ● Fluent in the operational audit. ● Fluent in operational risk management. ● Fluent in principles of asset and debt management.

Employment Type

  • Full Time

Employment type

  • Full Time

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