Export Expert

Zarrin Roya


Posted 10 days ago

Job Description

The mission of this position at Zarrin Roya is to perform the activities related to the products export and overseas customers to develop markets and business prosperity

The key tasks and responsibilities of this position are as follows:

  • To search and negotiate with potential and actual buyers to sell products.
  • To monitor the transportation for ensuring the completeness of documents and transit documents and customs clearances and compliance with legal requirements.
  • To collect the product and competitor information by attending foreign sales centers to complete the data for analysis.
  • To import international documents to track air, land, and sea exports from origin to destination.
  • To prepare the major data and verify key milestones (outbound, inbound, customs clearance, PODs, etc.) following customer standard operating procedures.
  • To provide timely and efficient customer service.
  • To complete and send the invoices to customers based on the agreed price, taking into account profit and cost.
  • To develop the procedures for transporting goods from local or offshore locations to warehouses, offices, or other consignee locations.
  • To conduct the necessary negotiations regarding transportation costs and receive approval from the branch manager for competitive prices.
  • To compile the required customs declarations and documents.
  • To prepare and purchase the required items and samples, send them to Iran according to the development and business unit’s request, and send invoices for payment.
  • To take photos and videos of shelves, advertise tools in stores, and installed billboards and promotional videos of other brands as requested.
  • To provide the required reports regarding the foreign market as requested.
  • To attend exhibitions and collect required information as requested.
  • To refer to the government offices and organizations to follow up on brand registration and follow up on the administrative process.
  • To attend meetings with sales representatives and business partners as a translator and follow up on assigned matters through the business development unit.
  • To identify the advertising agencies, virtual platforms, and influencers (in the field of health and related to the company's products) in markets outside of Iran.


  • At least 3 years of experience in export.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, International Relations Management, and other related fields.
  • Fluent in Russian.
  • Familiar with English.
  • Proficiency in negotiation principles and techniques, principles of internal and external correspondence and writing, INCOTERMS, and contract conclusion.
  • Strong in accountability, outcome-oriented, and consumer-oriented.

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