Electrical Engineer

Ariana (Tunnel Sadd Ariana)


Posted 5 months ago

Job Description

● Installation and commissioning of automation, instrumentation, and control systems. ● Installation and commissioning of the electric pump. ● Evaluate tender documents. ● Supervise contractor's operations based on “Technical Specification” documents. ● Check the contractor's status. ● Job location: At the company HQ in Tehran in the vicinity of Vanak square.


● Gender preference: Male. ● Military service status: Done or permanent exemption. ● Ideal age range: Maximum 30 years old. ● At least 2 years of relevant work. ● Bachelor of Electrical Engineer. ● Fluent in English. ● Familiar with industrial automation systems, instrumentation, and industrial networks. ● Familiar with Single Line Diagram and Protection Single Line Diagram. ● Familiar reading Datasheets. ● Skilled in MS Office. ● Relative familiarity with AutoCAD.

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