Distribution Center Accounting Supervisor



Posted 5 months ago

Job Description

● Implementation of the company's accounting regulations such as (receipts, credits, sales returns, etc.). ● Monitor daily financial reports and send them to the sales accounting manager, such as delays in received checks, access to goals received by sellers, the number of overdue invoices on that day, etc. ● Prepare a report of indicators separately for the customer and seller group center. ● Prepare quarterly sales reports. ● Supervise the daily financial reports prepared by the sales accounting expert and submit them to the sales accounting manager. ● Send reports to the headquarters on a weekly basis. ● Control the salary and sending the salary invoice to the financial unit according to the relevant regulations. ● Record the turnover of bank accounts on a daily basis and their discrepancies. ● Contradict and find the differences of the accounts and resolve them through face-to-face visit or presenting the account turnover to the seller and the relevant supervisor. ● Control of cash, checks in progress with the fund, and follow-up of documents with the bank. ● Follow up arrears and return checks daily and weekly to reduce them. ● Interact with sales teams and holding weekly meetings to reduce arrears. ● Deliver unsettled invoices to sellers and receive receipts from sellers on a daily basis.


● Bachelor's degree in Financial Management, Accounting, or Economics. ● Problem-solving and decision making. ● Analytical thinking skills. ● Time management skills. ● Planning and organizing skills. ● Having written, administrative and verbal skills. ● Adequate familiarity with the regulations related to banking, insurance, taxes. ● Fluent in accounting principles. ● Strong public relations and negotiation techniques. ● Ability to communicate successfully and effectively. ● 5 years of work experience.

Employment Type

  • Full Time

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