Digital Marketing Expert



Posted 7 days ago

Job Description

● Manage digital marketing and site analysis programs. ● Website planning and management, SEO/SEM, email, social media and advertising campaigns. ● Content production process management. ● Implement, measure and measure the performance of all digital marketing and reporting. ● Provide creative ideas and strategies for the growth and development of the company's advertising and marketing. ● Collaborate with units within the organization to create landing pages and optimize the user experience of the pages. ● Advertise management and budgeting. ● Collaborate with organizations and other sales and marketing partners.


● Gender: Male or Female. ● Maximum age : 35 years old. ● At least four years of experience in modern marketing. ● Education: Bachelor's degree in related courses such as marketing. ● Familiarity with the principles of digital marketing and internet marketing. ● Full familiarity with communication tools (media and social networks, especially websites, digital, etc.). ● Familiar with Content Strategy. ● Relative familiarity with HTML, SEO, or SEM. ● Familiarity with Google Adwords platform, Website Traffic Analysis tools including Google Analytics.

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