Digital Business Intelligence Specialist



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Job Description

● To conduct necessary communications with reporting entities such as MKT Data Science, EDW, Finance, etc., to provide needed information/reports for the business and share it with concerned parties. ● To develop ETL process and handle data source detection for digital platforms ● To design research methods, utilize analytical skills, and visualize findings to address business requirements. ● To address business development team needs in terms of providing Performance Reviews of CPs/SPs etc. ● To develop dashboard and visualized reports for the business team and high-level management reporting. ● To design new data collection models to better collect information and coordinate with the ITS department to implement new models. ● To collaborate with DG departments in adopting new strategies to respond to the ever-changing digital business model environment. ● To monitor, analyze and forecast the digital ecosystem trends based on market research and data gathering. ● To monitor digital business at all levels and update different dashboards regarding generated reports from DBs. ● To provide insight and view about the performance of all CPs, SPs, Digital Products and Services, and platforms in their life cycle for the department and management. ● To conduct data mining and provide segmentation for digital market targets and Digital plans (campaigns) to increase the effectiveness and performance of Digital P&Ss. ● To provide case-based information and report for Digital P&Ss. ● To provide ad hoc reports for the incoming queries as well as weekly/monthly reports. ● To analyze digital business performance, compare it with the business plan and budget, and provide feedback to the department.


● Bachelor's degree in Commerce (Marketing, Communications, or Management), IT, Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or related fields. ● At least 3 years of experience in an area of specialization. ● Experience working in a medium organization.

Employment Type

  • Full Time

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