Darou Afshan Shaygan


Posted 6 months ago

Job Description

COO/Vice President (Cosmetic): ● Developing a long-term strategic plan. ● Improving organization performance through a comprehensive plan and strategies. ● Formulating the strategies for business development and expansion in operation. ● Analyzing sales statistics and information, studying the causes of its ascending and descending fluctuations, and taking appropriate action. ● Developing market knowledge and utilizing it in making sourcing decisions. ● Coordinating and supporting daily operational and administrative functions. ● Preparing an aspirational annual budget plan to increase staff commitment by setting up stretched goals and objectives. ● Performing other duties as assigned.


● Having experience in the position of COO or other management-related positions. ● Master's degree or higher. ● More than 10 years of experience as a Senior Manager. ● Financial and management skills. ● Strong decision-making and good communication skills. ● Skills in warehouse inventory turnover systems. ● English proficiency.

Employment Type

  • Full Time


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