Business Intelligence Manager

Pakshoma group


Posted 4 months ago

Job Description

● Responsible for field force and GTM management. ● Continually collect and analyze the relevant market and competitor information to assess the market position and identify threats and opportunities from field reports or related sources. ● Design qualitative and quantitative research plans, design research questionnaires and moderator guides, interpret data, write reports, and make actionable recommendations based on the analysis. ● Ensure weekly and monthly reports and ongoing monitoring is delivered on a timely basis. ● Desired start date: ASAP.


● Analytical and reporting skills. ● Familiar with the HA and retail industry. ● Able to work more than working hours. ● Able to manage different projects at the same time. ● Proficient with PowerPoint, and Excel (Power BI is an advantage). ● Gender preference: Male.

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